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Public Professional Speaking

At CRS we are accustomed to presenting financial topics in an easy to understand format for individuals at all levels of knowledge. We welcome the opportunity to provide financial education and offer presentations on a myriad of topics.

Not only do we offer one hour workshops, we also offer a six-hour workshop for businesses, to enhance their employee education programs. Our Personal Financial Management Seminar can be broken into two or three days and customized with your company benefits program.

If you are looking for a unique program topic for a member organization or association, we can customize a program based on your needs.

Some of the topics we present on are:

Retirement                              Investments                                                   Estate planning                      Tax planning

Insurance options                 Money and lifestyle management                 Social security                       Distributions

Strategies                               Wealth Preservation                                      Financial plans                       Financial management

Contact us for more information and to set a date for your next program.