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Preparing for your Meeting

Reflect on these questions:

                                                               i.      How/when will you reach retirement?

                                                             ii.      Do you own your own business? If so, have you explored how it can be an asset?

                                                            iii.      Do you know what your cash flow needs will be during retirement?

                                                           iv.      What is your investment strategy?

                                                             v.      Are you invested appropriately for your goals? Your age?

                                                           vi.      Have you allocated appropriately for your children/grandchildren’s college?

                                                          vii.      Are you appropriately insured?

                                                        viii.      Do you have estate documents? Have they been reviewed recently?

                                                           ix.      Are you supporting charities/tithing as you would prefer?

                                                             x.      Would you like to make financial gifts to your family? Do you understand the tax impacts of these donations on both sides?

                                                           xi.      Are you currently going through major life changes, such as:

Marriage, Divorce, having children, gaining inheritance, buying a home

                                                          xii.      Are you preparing your young adult children for financial success?

                                                        xiii.      Do you have company benefits, such as stock options? Do you understand how to best utilize those?

                                                        xiv.      Do you have special needs? Do you have a dependent with special needs?