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CRS Planning Process

Retirement planning is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. As life happens, your needs will change, and your retirement plan needs to accommodate those changes. Based on this, Comprehensive Retirement Solutions has a six-step process designed to assist you in every phase of your planning process.

Steps of the Process:

Establishing and defining the Client-Planner relationship

We will mutually define the scope of the engagement based upon what is warranted and appropriate. This process includes identifying the services needed, compensation arrangements, responsibilities of each party, the duration of the engagement, and information exchange.

Gathering Your Financial Information

In order to understand your situation, we will need to work with you to determine your current financial position. In addition to personally owned assets, this will include any benefits your are entitled to through your employer(s) and the government.

Analyzing and Evaluating your Financial Status

In order to adequately assess your overall financial strategy it will be necessary to analyze factors pertaining to taxes*, investments, retirement benefits, government benefits, businesses, wills, trusts, giving programs, insurance, pensions, assets, liabilities and all inflow and outflow of assets.

Developing Recommendations and Alternatives

We identify strengths and weaknesses, immediate needs, financial strategies and products to considered. This process is internally designed and presented as suggested recommendations in light of your goals and the current economic environments. The decision is ultimately yours.

Implementing your Plan

As the most critical phase of the process, implementation puts action to planning strategies. We will draw up documents directed toward your financial goals and utilize process integration to launch the individual elements agreed upon in the planning recommendations.

Monitoring your Progress

We will meet for reviews on a regular basis in order to update you on the performance of your investments, changes in tax law* and economic considerations. When appropriate, new products are discussed, as needed, based upon your evolving objectives.