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Anna McNew

Anna McNew

Executive Specialist

As CRS Executive Specialist, Anna manages daily internal book keeping, logs, data management and reporting. She also collaborates with our Enterprise Team to support the CRS advisor group. Anna is also a CRS Tax Solutions, tax preparer from February to April 15th each year.

Anna was born in The Soviet Union and lived in the South of Russia (Sochi) from 2000 to 2012.  She moved from Russia to the United States in 2012.

In 2000 Anna attended The International Banking School in Moscow and after graduating she earned her B.S. Degree with honors in Finance and Economics from Kuban State Technology University, in Russia. She then earned her MBA from Indiana University with a concentration in Finance in 2016.

Anna has worked in banking for twelve years and has an experience in banking, financial services, foreign currency transactions, international money transfers, financial modeling and anti-money laundering regulation. 

Anna is currently working toward earning her CFA designation.

Anna and her daughter, Angel are active members of Kokomo YMCA. She likes swimming, horseback riding and walking long distances.